Client Reviews

"When I called I wanted to know that I wasn't going to be taken advantage of. Seeing that they were A rated thru the Better Business Bureau and state licensed helped reassure me to use them. They have great customer service and competively priced also and I am so glad I choose them!" - Sarah

"Pappas Processing was very professional and efficient. All services performed as promised." - Barry

"I was skeptical at first but within 30 days several items were removed from my credit report. I'm very excited to see the results in the next couple of months. I would definitely recommend Pappas Processing to those in need a credit repair help. I know I couldn't have done out without them." - Allen

"I have been working with Pappas Processing for over 2 years and find them to be one of the best credit repair companies in their field. True honesty and hard work which has produces excellent results." - Clifford

"For years I have suffered the frustration and embarrassment of having a bad and inaccurate credit score. There are many inequities in our credit system that seemed impossible to solve until I found Pappas Processing. A friend referred me to Luke and after we went through their process voila!! I went out and bought a new car and got 0% financing. I had just passed on a new car last year because with my credit score they wanted to finance me with an 8% interest rate. Pappas is not an expense, it's an investment in your future. The best money I've spent in years!!" - sd

"Now, due to my low credit score all of my bills were higher than my neighbor's bills. So, in a nutshell I was working twice as hard making the same amount of money. WELL they understood my situation and I barely made it into my appointment. BEST DECISION OF MY LIFE. Now my report is cleaned up creditors trust me. n my blls??? probably lower than the neighbors bills are higher than mine these days. lol but definitely the lowest my car payment has been in my life. JOB WELL DONE THANKS PAPPS PROCESSING A++++++++" - Theodore

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