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Years ago, Luke’s credit was destroyed when his financial backers stole a very substantial amount of money. With five offices around the country Luke had bills to pay and immediately his bank account was empty. After three years in court he got back only one third of the debt.


From there he went to his attorney and brought in letters he had written to the credit bureaus in an effort to restore his damaged credit. To his dismay, the letters he had written were not in the correct legal format. He struggled and could not find anyone to help him or guide him in the right direction to restore his credit.


Luke went to work on restoring his own credit. He started researching every avenue available to him. After numerous classes, legal document research, and many books read he developed a system that works. In his first set of letters, he had nearly 2/3 of his credit cleaned up. By the time Luke was done, he was free of all blemishes on his report.


Every avenue available does mean credit repair companies.  Few are still around today that were around back then.  There is incredible turnover in this industry.  I want you to consider the industry.  The largest companies on the internet offer month to month "subscription" fee structures.  Why would they do this?  What happens when one set of programatic letters goes out and doesn't work?  The client may have experienced something unlikely and should resend out letters.  Or maybe the legal language was improper or the creditor could be contracted?  There are adjustments to make each and every set to improve your outcome.  We want to build a foundation of trust with you and then fight through any road blocks.  We feel this comes down to customer service and that is where we thrive.  Check out what our clients say.


The problem with other companies is they are not concerned if you drop out after one month.  We are and we are referral based as a result. 

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