Credit Restoration

What does Pappas Processing do that makes your process so successful?

We have developed a three-pronged approach to help you restore your credit. The first step is working to remove negative and derogatory items on your credit report. This alone doesn’t help you increase your scores in most cases. This is where the second step does its work.  If you don’t have positive items going on to your credit report, we cannot prove to the credit bureaus that you are managing debt.  We have seen clients ultimately lose their score all together so it’s very important that we reestablish positive lines of credit.  At Pappas Processing we have taken the time to go to local banks, credit unions and even checked nationally.  We are able to refer our clients to agencies where they can open installment loans and revolving lines of credit to start creating positive credit items.

The third step is counseling. We don’t want you to find yourself in this situation again; we don’t want you as a returning customer.  We will do a lot of counseling with you to try to reverse what the credit industry teaches - how to ruin your credit. We will teach you the basic fundamentals to  know the guide lines and how to make sure you are managing your credit wisely.

Our three-pronged combination of taking off negative and derogatory items, reestablishing positive lines of credit and counseling is why we have such a high satisfaction rate.  We offer counseling after our clients have completed the process if they have questions or concerns about credit or a situation they may be in. We have had clients call us years after going thru the process to just check their situation as they want to buy a house or car or are getting married.

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