Experiencing Life With Bad Credit

Hi, I would like to speak to you about the world of bad credit. Let’s say you had a home you just moved into and you had your brand new car and you are paying about $1800 a month for the car and home. You are so excited you are living in your new home, a neighbor moves in next door to you and they pull up in the identical car you own right down to the wheels, they are completely identical.  You become friends with them and start talking about the comparison of both the house and cars and they discuss with you that they are paying about a $1000 for both per month. What would be the reason for that?  They have better credit.

Now at this point, you're beginning to understand the that you are having to make that extra $800 every month, that your neighbor isn’t making.  You have to work Saturdays, its putting stress on your relationship, you may be having little spats with your spouse about $30 spent here, $20 spent there. Your neighbor invites you to come over on Sunday for a barbeque as they just bought a new patio set and wanted to show pictures of their vacation.  You sit down and start talking to your neighbor again but now you discuss homeowners insurance, to which your neighbors boasts that they only pay about $600 a year for insurance, you discover you both have the same plan and same deductible but you know that you're paying almost double for the same coverage.

The reason again is bad credit. Now you get home and decide you’re tired of working so hard to survive so you start looking for another job, you go in for the interviews but nothing ever pans out.  You wonder why this is happening as you are more than qualified to do the jobs you are applying for. As you will learn, employers pull credit reports and make judgments based on your credit.  It's at this point where you are frustrated and trying to figure anyway to cut costs.  All of a sudden, you notice that you auto insurance policy is much higher than your friends.

Do you really want to deal with this type of stress in your life? Do you really want to continue to work twice as hard as your neighbor for the exact same things? Give us a call so we can begin the process of turning your credit life around and cut a lot of the stress out of your life.

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