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Pappas Processing, LLC started in 2007 and LPOilImageNoBorder.pngstemmed from a friend who persisted with me that I could and should help others benefit from my journey.  However, the last thing I wanted to do was relive the shameful experience I had fixing my own credit.  I had gone through many credit repair companies  and grew frustrated with their lack of service, poor attention to my complex situation, and overall "assembly line" feel. 

The next step on my journey was to my attorney.  He said that their firm didn't want to deal with my situation, because they felt the cost would be too high to administer my case and the research burden too timely to invest their time into.  So, he encouraged me to do my own research and have him review my documentation.  I didn't want to have any mistakes, so I invested a lot of my time and money into legal counsel.  Additionally, with this spanning over multiple years, I had to learn from trial and error on how the credit bureaus processed information, which in some regards is the most challenging portion of this process.  I paid a very high price to fix my credit and it was a tough personal experience for me.  Ultimately, I was successful in fixing my own credit.

My friend mentioned above was my first client.  She was a successful realtor and highly respected in the industry.  She began to refer me business, a lot of business.  As the referrals came pouring in, I began to work primarily on this business instead of the business I had grown in insurance.  I have helped thousands of people to date.

It's hard to imagine how confused a client must feel when they Google "credit repair" and see so many options.  There are so many bad options to sift through.  So, let me clarify what Pappas Processing, LLC is all about.  We are experienced in all types of credit situations and pride ourselves on customer satisfaction.  We're a Better Business Bureau Accredit Company and we believe the success of our business is about our relationship with you. There's no cost or risk in calling me to discuss your personal credit situation and I never take on a case I cannot help. 



 Luke Pappas


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